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We repair and restore furniture.

Do you have something that needs sprucing?

Give us a call.

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​Save some money, bring your broken or tired items to us, it saves on pick up and delivery charges.

In Home Repairs

​Many items can be repaired right where they sit.  We can come to you.   

We also do a GENERAL TOUCH-UP SERVICE, coming to your home and go thru and fix all those little nicks and chips your furniture has received over the year. 


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Put that smart phone to good use,  Take a picture of your damaged piece and email it for a FREE ESTIMATE.

We want to be part of the working force in America.  We also want to enjoy our life.  So why not do both by enjoying your job. 

We even have a mascot 

Dudette is her name.  She believes that all customers are her personal friends.


Come Visit !  

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